Sunday, April 29, 2012

First Zoo Trip

Saturday, April 28th Ryleigh went on her first trip to the zoo!  We went with Gigi, Easton, Hailey, and LiLi (Lisa, Hailey's mom).  People can say all they want to say about an 11 month old not understanding what is going on at the zoo, but Ryleigh and Easton had a blast!  You could see the excitment in their eyes as we approached new animals.  They loved the colorful animals.  They especially loved when an animal was very close to the glass.  Ryleigh would reach her hand out as if she could touch the animal. As we strolled through the zoo she was looking around and taking in every moment and every sight.  As a matter of fact, it was hard to get her to take a nap because she was so interested in the things that were going on around her.

One of the first things we did was see the sea lion show.  Both babies sat up so still and watched as the sea lion did its tricks.  When the crowd would make a noise, so would the babies.   It was such a joy to see them interacting with the show.

Easton let everyone know when lunch time came around.  We sat outside of the elephant exhibit and fed Ryleigh and Easton.  As we sat there feeding them, our moms sat there and cried.  We laughed at them! My mom said that she is living inside her fantasy world. 

After lunch time, it was nap time.  Easton was the first one to crash.  About an hour later Ryleigh finally went to sleep.  Once they were asleep, they were out!  We wanted to ride the carousel and play on the splash pad, but apparently they thought the nap was too important.

After nap time we ate ice cream and waited on the train.  We had a wonderful time riding around the zoo on the train. Except...I remember that train ride being way longer when I was little!

We spent about 6 hours at the zoo.  I would say that Ryleigh liked the big lizard and the sea lions the best! It was such a wonderful and memorable day.  You can see a few pictures from the day below.

Ryleigh's lizard Friend

 They love each other
 Watching the sea lion show
 "Touching" the sea lion
 Waiting on the train while sitting in "the cadilac" together
 Just after this happy picture was taken, Ryleigh decided to literally kick Easton out of  her stroller.
 Train ride
 3 generations
 BFFs times 2

 Gigi and Lili

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ryleigh's First Easter

Ryleigh's first Easter was so wonderful! 

Saturday afternoon we went to our church, Hueytown Baptist, for an Easter Egg hunt.  We had a great time!  Ryleigh found 2 eggs!!  She wasn't too fond of the grass, though.
 Amy bought her this Easter bunny outfit to wear.
 Ryleigh played a game of Pick-Up-Ducks but she changed the rules a little bit :-)
 She was happy so have 2 eggs to put in her basket.

 Ryleigh with her cousin Victoria
 Ryleigh and her cousin Nate.
Ryleigh and her cousin Emmerson.

The night before Easter we all sat down at the kitchen table to dye Easter eggs.  Adam and I have not dyed eggs in years!  I even misread the directions and didn't realize we needed vinegar.  So, off went Daddy to Gigi's house to get some vinegar at 8:00 at night so that Ryleigh's first Easter would be perfect--egg dying and everything! 
 We decorated the eggs before we dyed them.

The Easter Bunny visited our house this morning!  Ryleigh has her own special Easter that we had made for her.  It looks like the Easter bunny was very kind to our sweet girl...
 Her basket had 2 swimsuits, a stuffed bunny, puffs, yogurt melts, sparkle tennis shoes, a book, bubbles, a summer splash play center, a toy cell phone, a toy big phone, a sippy cup with a straw, and a piano. 

I searched for months and months and months for the PERFECT Easter dress (you know how I am!). Last weekend Gigi (my mom) found "The" dress at the most random place ever...JCPenny! Who goes there anymore? I wanted a white or light pink frilly, girly dress. Look what Gigi found...
Ryleigh's socks were made special by Mamie (my gradnmother).

After church we went over the The Stevens to hang out and have fun!  We took pictures BEFORE all the boys got dirty.  We also hunted Easter eggs again!  Ryleigh found more eggs this time (with Mommy's help), and she ended up with $1.25 from her eggs.  Landon, however, ended up with $26!!  He was the big winner.

John Michael, Nate, Landon, and Ryleigh

Friday, April 6, 2012

Let's Rewind

Let's rewind a bit.  Ryleigh is now 10 months old.  Let's recap the past year...

Summer 2010--Little did we know this would be our last summer "alone".
 September 2010--SURPRISE!
 8 weeks
 12 weeks
 16 weeks
 20 weeks
 24 weeks
 28 weeks
 32 weeks
 36 weeks--6 days before Ryleigh was born!!

Welcome to the world sweet baby!
 Newborn angel at home and cozy.
 First trip to the beach at 7 weeks old.
 3 month old big girl
 4 month old smiley baby
 5 month old lady bug
 6 month old beauty queen--Miss Queen Merry Christmas Tiny Baby

 7 months old sitting up and playing
 Our first family Christmas photo
 8 months old standing up and showing her 2 teeth
 9 month old blue eyed angel