Friday, July 13, 2012

Ryleigh's First Birthday

Wow it is great to be back in the blogging world!  We recently moved (more on that later) and we finally have internet access.

Can you believe my angel turned 1 on May 21?  WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?  I spent months and months planning the perfect first birthday.  Nothing but the best for my little girl.

At first we were going to have her birthday party at our house (the old one).  Well, we ended up selling it!  We actually closed on it the week after her party!  There was no way I could have the perfect party for her in a tornado wrecked house.  So, plan B was to have it at the in-laws--AKA "Party Central".

Ryleigh is ALL girl and her Mama is too :-)  So, I decided that Ryleigh would love a zebra print and hot pink birthday party.  For months and months I was completely obsessed with looking at zebra themed birthday parties online and on pinterest. I even saw a hotpink e-z-up and I HAD to have it.  Well, I ended up buying 2 of them  because they were just so perfect!  I ended up finding a deal on a birthday cake from Posh Cake Designs on Facebook.  I got to design her birthday cake myself which was so fun!  I searched forever for the perfect balls to put in a ball pit for the kids to play in (which was the BEST idea by the way).  I also googled first birthday ideas.  I ended up finding the most precious idea for a 1st birthday.  We created a time capsule for her to open on her 18th birthday.  In it guests put in items from 2012 such as song lists, sweet letters, pictures, receipts, personal items, a cell phone, etc.   It was so great to see what everyone put in there.  Some of the items brought us all to tears.  For example, my mom put in an entire book she filled out titled Letters from Grandma or something like that.  She started filling it out BEFORE Ryleigh was even conceived!  Grandmother put in a few stamps Granddaddy had saved, coins from her birth year 2011, and then a little note that says "graduation present" which was a $100  bill.  Now, that brought us all to tears!  It hit us then that Grandmother will not be around when Ryleigh graduates, and more than likely other's will not be either! It was a sure enough reality check. 

Back to party planning...  I searched FOREVER for the perfect party outfit and cake smash outfit.  I wanted a little romper with big ruffles on the butt in zebra print.  I ended up finding a precious outfit which was just what I had in mind.  I also found a feather hat with matching bloomers for her cake smashing.  All of which had a 1 and her name monogrammed on it.

Food was another part of the planning.  What food should we have at the party?  We decided on chicken salad, hot pink cookies (Mamie and I made those), chocolate covered strawberries (thanks to TaTa and Sa), candy kabobs (which were totally NOT worth the time and effort put into them), and pb&j for the kids.  The water bottles had labels on them that said "Happy 1st Birthday Ryleigh Kate", and we had plenty of cokes and pink juice.

For her birthday present we got her an anywhere chair from Pottery Barn.  I have heard several moms say that it was a perfect 1st birthday present and it will grow with her.  So, I ended up ordering an oversized pink one with white polka dots with her name monogrammed (of course :-) She absolutely LOVES it!  It sits in our living room with the other furniture. 

The day of the party could not have been any better. Ryleigh had her own personal photographer, Leslie Hinton. She did a fabulous job! The day was literally picture perfect.  The weather was perfect.  The food ended up perfect. Her outfit ended up perfect. My outfit ended up perfect (yes, the mother of the baby had to dress for the occasion too!)  She ended up with SO many gifts that are so greatly appreciated.  She plays with all of them! 

Below you will find a few pictures from the party.

 Ryleigh's boyfriend, Easton

 Daddy looks thrilled! haha
 Skinny dipping!


  1. What a perfect first birthday! These pictures captured it perfectly! :)

  2. Elated to read this heart touching share! I hope the party venue suggested by my friend is perfect. As I have booked it for my daughter's birthday next week. All the invitations are sent. Pink princess cake and fondant cup cakes are designed by a famous baker. Eagerly waiting for the day.