Monday, August 20, 2012

First Gymnastics Class--DISASTER

I have been looking forward to this day for 4 weeks now--Ryleigh Kate's first gymnastics class!  She is taking gymnastics at Head Over Heels off Valleydale Road. 

So, we walk into the gym and this is a sure enough REAL gymnastics gym.  I see 4 and 5 year olds doing back tucks on the beam and twists on the  bars.  I am THRILLED that I have picked such a wonderful place for Ryleigh to take classes at. 

Well, Ryleigh and I walk into the baby gym area.  I am dressed in my hot pink Under Armour attire and Ryleigh is dressed in her Glitter-Leo leotard (cutest baby by far!).  We are hot to trot !

Class begins and the babies are playing on all of the equipment and exploring the tiny beam, tiny bars, and all of the mats.  About 5 minutes into "play time" we decide to try out the tunnel mat.  I place Ryleigh inside of it, she looks up and smiles at me.  I pick her up and she has POOPED all in the mat.  OH MY GOODNESS!  Humiliated, I walk over to the instructor and tell her that Ryleigh had a little accident.  The instructor has to PICK THE MAT UP and CARRY IT OUT of the gym.  The whole place REAKED of Ryleigh's poop.  So, I take Ryeigh to the bathroom to change her (thank goodness I brought an extra leotard!).  We go back to the play area and just continue playing. 

No lie, about 5 minutes later she poops AGAIN!  This time I heard it and I rushed her to the bathroom to change her once again.  By this time, the smell is REAL bad.  Amy and my mom are in the bleachers about to wet their pants they are laughing so hard (by the way, this is all on tape because Amy was filming).

So, we come BACK to the mat for more playtime.  Ryleigh hangs on the parallel bar and rolls on the mat.  The kids line up for a game, and that is when I felt it...once AGAIN she has pooped, but this time ALL OVER ME!!  I REAK of baby poop! I am pretty sure noone knows she did it again, so we quickly finish up the game and put our hands in to say "1,2,3 WE LOVE GYMNASTICS", and I rush her back to the bathroom again.  Needless to say, I was completely mordified--first time (of many I am sure) I have been embarrassed by my child.  The entire gym was so stinky not only because of her stinky booty, but because I reaked of it too!

She had a GREAT time for the small about of time she was able to play.  I am sure that everyone will remember Ryleigh Kate as the kid who crapped all over the mat the first day.

See pictures below:


  1. Oh my!!! You didn't tell me it was all on film !! Need to see this!! : )

  2. THIS IS SO HILARIOUS!! I needed that for sure! Ryleigh Kate and her poop stories! LOVE this story... But I have to say, little princess looks too dang cute in that leotard!!

  3. Hey baby must had a lovely time in classes.